A tiny menubar scratchpad for node.js (macOS) exactly for the times you just need to test snippets of code you saw on SO and you don't want to open new vsc window with new file or even new tab in your browser to go to an online editor for that.
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I actually couldn't find anything like that online. There are many editors and scratchpads out there but nothing that met my needs. All of them needs to be launched every time you need it, or needs to be opened through the browser in a new tab/window. Nothing had the ease I was looking for. All I wanted is to try scripts while browsing the web without any hassle. This is the story of tinyscratchpad.js its open source and ready for you to try! ??
Thank you. That is awesome!
@vladkorobov Thank you so much!
Hello! Nice project! But this has been done already by me about an year back on native Mac, in case you missed it: https://github.com/vsaravind007/...
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