#5 Product of the WeekJuly 30, 2019
The latest version of our desktop app provides a smoother, faster experience for all. Some notable changes include faster loading times, better overall performance and the ability to work offline.
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Where is the dark mode... It has been years since we've asked for it :(
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@stanislav_dim Hopefully we'll get this one day...
@stanislav_dim @bela_bela_bella Maybe my grand kids will have it.??
What’s new ? Limited offline support — set your status, star items, and react to messages when you don’t have an internet connection ? Less memory usage, better performance ? Faster loading times ? Improved Slack calls Other notable updates ? Click the new ?paperclip icon in the message field to add attachments ? A redesigned autocomplete menu for @mentions and slash commands ? No more loading messages — Slack loads too quickly for them to be readable ? Visual improvements to the activity view, Quick Switcher, and channel sidebar ? Unread message activity displays as a dot on the top-right of your workspace icon ? Member profiles have a bigger profile image and include the option to message or call the individual ? Drafts sync across Enterprise Grid workspaces
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@mentions @chrismessina At least point to the article on the official Slack website. This link and update is not valid or official from Slack either.
The website is confuse. Why not point to an Official Slack download site?
Going by the article, you can't download this version from official site yet. Official site still holds the old slower version. You will be updated automatically in the next few weeks if you are running Slack desktop. The website is for Linux version of Slack. https://slackhq.com/introducing-...
@aviaryan123 No, it's rolled out to 100% of users on the 4.0 app and the browser version by now.
@zenith_quinn You are right. Also Slack 4.0 definitely works as advertised. ????
The release notes for the Slack 4.0 is available at https://slack.com/release-notes and download at https://slack.com/downloads What's the point of Snapcraft here?
Totally notice the difference... much faster and smoother standup this morning... good job Slack! Now where my Darkmode at? ??