QuotaPath is a tool built by sales pros for sales pros:
- Simplify commission and quota tracking
- Surface the sales metrics that matter
- Automate and track data in real-time
- Align your sales team and celebrate team wins
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Hey there! Thanks for checking out QuotaPath. After about a year in Early Access, we’ve launched to the public. We’re working to solve the age-old issue for salespeople: they don’t know how much commission they earned. If you don’t work in sales, it might come as a surprise to you that salespeople generally rely on either a cobbled-together spreadsheet OR a system designed for finance/accounting to figure out how much they are getting paid for deals they close. We created QuotaPath after leading SaaS sales teams for 10 years to put that power in the hands of salespeople. It takes about 5 minutes to get a compensation plan built out in QuotaPath and from there you can immediately see the expected payouts for deals. We’ll be here fielding any questions you have, so let us know if there’s anything we can answer for you!
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Nice! I've been looking for an easier way to calculate commissions.
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@kaoru_fujita Thanks Kaoru! Let me know if there's anything I can answer for you or help you out with :)
Awesome stuff! Beta has been super impressive, can't wait to see what you all do now that you're fully launched. Solid product from a solid team!
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As a bets tester it has been amazing to watch the QuotaPath team take feedback, recognize their gaps, and build a really solid product. Very excited to see this product grow and would definitely recommend!
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I'm very excited to see you folks launch! ??
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@benediktdeicke Thank you Benedikt! I'm rooting for you guys too!