??With PushPro you can send powerful Push Notifications from any existing website, reaching all your visitors directly on their Mobile Device! ?? No native app needed, no coding needed, just a 5 minute installation. ??Try it today for Free! ??
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Hey @jamie_maria_schouren , would you mind putting up a demo in action. Just a screen recording of a person signing up for PN, receiving it and going to the website would be fine. Anyways, cool product!
@saumik_tewari Sure! We will make a video and upload it soon!
@jamie_maria_schouren @saumik_tewari Agree! Sounds cool but would love to see how it works. How are the users getting the push notifications? They have to opt in with their mobile number or what?
@saumik_tewari @jamie_maria_schouren Yeah would also love to see that screen recording. Keep up the good work, great product! :)
@saumik_tewari @parag_r @pete_roberts Hi Michael and Pete, they Opt-in just with their device. They don't need to fill in any details, it's just "can we send you a notification?" and then 2 buttons "Allow" and "Don't allow". No phone number, no e-mail nothing. The device is registered with the Push Service as "this device allows to receive messages" This subscribing process is default by the browser, when it detects that there is a service worker for Push Notifications. SO it is SUPER GDPR and user friendly! Screen recording is on the way, we are adding also the opt-in prompt. If you want to know a bit more about that, and specifically how Service Workers work in a technical way, please see this video of me speaking at a conference about Progressive Web App technology. I timestamped on the part where I start explaining about Service Workers, followed by the example for Push Notifications.
@saumik_tewari @parag_r @pete_roberts And thank you for the compliments, we really are excited about PushPro and hope many sites will be happily using it!!
Are these native-like push notifications? How? ??
@ayoolajohn_ Yes they are native app like Push Notifications, they look and feel exactly the same, and also work when the browser is closed (even in the background). How they work? We are using the latest PWA technology, Service Workers and some coding magic ;) Please give it a try and let us know what you think!
Hi everyone! As per request, we uploaded a video of a demo website using PushPro! What you can see here: 1. User goes to site 2. Custom opt-in prompt is triggered, user chooses to allow 3. Default browser opt-in is triggered , user allows 4. A Notification appears on the closed home screen 5. The Notification is shown in the Notification Center of the phone 6. User opens notification, gets redirected to the website!
Device & OS info: OnePlus 6T, Android 9, Chrome Please note: the browser was not closed in the background, but notifications still arrive when the browser is closed in the background
Looking good, very easy tool to install and use. The click-through rates of the push notifications are much higher than my regular email campaigns, as you can see in the PushPro dashboard. With paid versions you can customize the opt-in message and logo of the notifications! I've seen that it's also available on the Magento Marketplace here https://marketplace.magento.com/.... Hopefully you'll add event-based notifications and advanced segmentation soon!
This looks really interesting! And with the market share of android definitely the future.
@the_porjaxian Thank you ! Yes, 75% Android at the moment - and I am sure Apple will follow as well ;)