Interactive prototyping for the digital products of tomorrow...
with the all-new ProtoPie 4.0.
? Realistic, customized microinteractions
? Reusable interaction components
? Seamless import from Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD
? macOS & Windows
? iOS & Android
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As more and more design teams use ProtoPie as their go-to tool for interaction design across 90+ countries, it's time to ramp up things! After releasing multiple updates before, we felt it was time for a fresh start: a new version number, new branding, a fresh look and feel, and, of course, more features! ?? We proudly present to you ProtoPie 4.0 ?? Introducing reusable interaction components! With ProtoPie, you can make any interaction you can imagine in your prototype. From simple ones... all the way to advanced, realistic and customized microinteractions. Now it's possible to reuse any interaction whenever, wherever... ultimately accelerating your prototyping workflow! ? What is ProtoPie? ? ProtoPie is the easiest highly interactive prototyping tool for designers to turn their ideas into realistic, advanced prototypes. We believe that designers should be able to make prototypes that come close to the end product they are designing for. A prototype should be about how a user interacts with your digital product. With ProtoPie, you can make highly interactive prototypes that feel like the end product. It's the only prototyping tool on macOS and Windows that covers the whole spectrum of digital products. From mobile apps to desktop apps and websites. From the in-car interface to smart-home apps. What makes ProtoPie unique? ?? The way you make prototypes is basically the same way as you would explain things with words. Hence, the way ProtoPie works comes close to human natural language. This means a very gradual learning curve and makes ProtoPie fundamentally different. ?? Import your designs from Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. ?? macOS, Windows, iOS & Android. ?? Sensors in smart devices, e.g. tilt, sound, compass. All code-free. ?? Variables, formulas, native keyboards, GIFs, videos, URL schemes etc. ???? Create prototypes that can "talk" to each other across multiple devices. ProtoPie 4.0 takes highly interactive prototyping to a whole new level with an ease that no other tool offers. You can prototype more realistically and faster than ever before. No need to settle with unrealistic screen transitions and animations in non-production-ready prototypes. Let us know if you have any questions!
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One of my favourite prototyping tools, well done ProtoPie team! ??
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Using ProtoPie about two years, it's my favorite way of prototyping. Easy to learn, happy to work. And incredible prototypes as a result. Congratulations on releasing version 4! ??
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It is THE ONLY prototyping tool that you'll ever need.
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@nelmerr Appreciate the support!
Nice tool, Just became my favorite prototyping app.
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