Placid creates social share images for your blog automatically ?
You write your posts – we add images for the share previews on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more social platforms. Choose from our preset designs or create your own ?????
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Heya ?? I'm Armin and I'm building Placid together with @_feloidea! We want to make your life around social share images easier and save you A LOT of time. Placid creates your share preview images for Pinterest, Facebook (og:images) and Twitter (twitter:card images) automatically from your WordPress posts. No need to create them in Photoshop any more! Here's how it works: ?? Install the plugin ?? Choose one of our preset designs or create your own template ?? Define which images and texts from your posts we should use to create images ?? See a preview of your social cards when writing your posts and customize if you need to Placid has been available for a while now in an API version. We added a WordPress plugin to offer an easy, no-code setup for bloggers and content creators. Through the plugin you can generate images with Placid forever without a subscription, no strings attached! ? You can save up to $50 with our launch offers! ? Watch a demo We initially created Placid for our own projects (it generates a lot of images for and it has saved us so much time already. We're super happy with where we are now and hope you find it useful too. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Armin
@_feloidea @arminulrich Congratulations on the launch! Awesome this is for wordpress!
@_feloidea @fajarsiddiq thank you so much ??
Really great stuff :) I think that will help a lot of Bloggers out there. Are you involved in the WordPress Community? Pls message me, if you want me to get you in touch with the Head of Marketing for Europe...
@paulanderie thank you! i hope bloggers will stumble upon us ?? we are not yet active in the community - in fact this is the first WordPress plugin we ever built; i'd be happy for every connection! ??
Placid is a great product to manage link preview without code side changing. Congrats team on expanding it.
@keyul thank you!!
Great job!!?? Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thank you! Just tell us if you have any questions ??
Looks like great software. Question on pricing. It’s not clear whether it’s a one time fee, monthly or annual pricing.
@scottwyden thank you! it's a one-time purchase - we added this info on the website. thanks for pointing out that it's confusing ??