#2 Product of the DayApril 25, 2019
Notifia is a Suite of Website Marketing Tools to cover the complete Customer Lifecycle; 15+ tools to optimise Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, Referrals and Feedback.
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10 Reviews5.0/5
I recently signed up to Notifia through the Saasmantra deal, and I'm really impressed with how this app is evolving. Nathan has been really receptive with community feedback, adding lots of user suggestions to the current app, plus has created a roadmap based on this feedback. Compared to other FOMO apps, I would say the biggest differentiator is the direction this is going, and I'm glad I got in at the "ground floor" so to speak, as the current app is great, but once the user suggestions within the roadmap have been implemented it will make it world class :)
@leverager Thanks for the Feedback & Support Chris!
Hello and thanks for viewing Notifia! This is a project that I started building over a year ago, initially as an Internal Marketing Tool for one of my other SaaS Products. At the time, I was spending about $2000+ per month on Marketing Tools & Plugins to optimise Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referrals. Not only was it expensive, but using 8 different tools meant 8 Scripts Loading on my site, my data spread out across multiple tools, learning how to use setup and optimise these tools. So I set out to build an alternative solution to, which is how Notifia was born. After several months of building this, I had mentioned it to a few people in my LinkedIn Network, Slack Communities and various Growth Hackers, and I was constantly asked one question - Can I use this tool? So, I decided to turn this into a SaaS Platform and make the tool publicly available , we're now a team of 5 working full-time - offering Lead Generation Tools, Social Proof, Click to Call Widgets, Triggered Messages, Exit Intent Surveys, Call to Action Cards, Welcome Bars, Emoji Feedback Widgets and much, much more... You can also view our Public Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/JyeY7adP - It's fully interactive, so our users upvote features, and we prioritise our development efforts based on this. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - Notifia is Free to use, no CC required for our starter plans. On top of that, we automatically attach your affiliate tracking code if you choose to leave branding on, so you'll earn 50% recurring commission on any referrals that click the link and join Notifia premium! My goal with Notifia is to empower 1 million website (Yes, 1 Million) with honest, powerful website marketing tools to increase Leads, Sales & Growth. Have a question about Notifia? I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback, ideas, suggestions or anything else!
@nathdigitech What makes it different?
@rmtux There's not a single tool on the market that offers all the tools we offer - so the USP is rather than needing several website plugins, we offer everything, from one Dashboard - at a fraction of the cost. I'm an ex-Hotjar consultant and Dr David Darmanin had a very similar approach when building Hotjar - he had 4 tools he was using, brought them together in one platform, and offered them at a cheaper cost. This approach has worked for a company doing $15m in ARR, so I think it's a great approach to follow. The feedback we get is also pretty impressive, most of our existing user base has come directly from our competitors as it's a very easy to sale to say "We do the same as XYZ, just cheaper, with 15+ more tools"
@nathdigitech So it's a smart notification bar / pop-up /feedback manager?
@rmtux Notifia is a toolkit to display Website Notifications yes. All Notifications are built to drive Growth based on AARRR framework. Acquisition: Social Proof, Lead Generation, Email Collection, Click to Call Activation: Triggered Messages, On-Boarding Cards, Triggered Videos Revenue: Failed Payment Notifications, On-Site Upsells Retention: Cancellation Feedback Widget (For Subscription Companies) Referrals: Invite a Friend, Social Share Widgets, Content Lockers, Share for Discount Widgets and finally, as I feel the Feedback is an equally valuable tool for Growth, we build these tools as well. Currently we offer Emoji Feedback & Exit Intent Surveys and will be building out NPS score widgets in future. The Notifications are designed to be used across the full-customer lifecycle to help you maximise growth.
@nathdigitech Who is the team behind it?
Amazing... You stole all our product copy and even word-for-word our product menu. Every single word. Wow. Check sleeknote.com before signing up to this copy-cat.
Interesting idea, so many growth tools at one place.... price is also very good for what you get, upvoted.
@ivan_simic1 Thanks Ivan ;)
Congratulation on the lunch @nathdigitech ! Awesome tool!
@eulerr Thanks Denis! Appreciate it ??