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Send email marketing campaigns from inside your Gmail account and get the highest response rates you've ever seen. Even better, set follow-up emails to send automatically to non-responders.

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Products like these cause people to devalue email and makes email worse for so many. Instead of encouraging thoughtful, user-focused communication, tools like these encourage user-hostile practices, which @parttimesnob lists as features. 1. Blanket auto follow-ups encourage people to "spam until they unsubscribe," abusing email's intimacy 2. Integration with a spreadsheet encourages the use of purchased lists, stolen emails, and paper lists, all of which require no expectation of permission. 3. Live-proofreading is actually a pretty cool feature 4. Automated reply management makes it seem as though send mass emails is something that can be done without a lot of thought about the people behind the email addresses. For small startups, people with small lists, or those without the appropriate email background, tools like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor make it simple for anyone to send email in a legal, thoughtful way. This product is effectively worse than someone performing a mail merge. I'm disappointed by the number of upvotes given for this product. There's a cost to blind inbox abuse.
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@brandononearth I don't understand what you're saying is the difference between GMass and MailChimp. How is MailChimp encouraging legal, thoughtful emails, whereas I am not? I'm sure MailChimp can work with a spreadsheet or CSV file -- so how is it any worse that I'm integrating with Google Sheets? When you're trying to get someone to reply, auto follow-ups are golden. MailChimp can't do that, because they don't access the user's Inbox and responses to a campaign like GMass can, because it's integrated with Gmail. The automated reply management helps keep your lists clean. We detect unsubscribes and bounces, and prevent you from sending to those addresses again. MailChimp does the same with unsub/bounce processing.
@parttimesnob Thank for replying. MailChimp technically allows list import, but encourages strongly double opt-in when communicating with people. Auto responders can be beneficial to the sender, but they annoy users. The whole idea of email permission is that as a user, I give you explicit permission to send me an email. I then have the option to revoke that permission at any time. The unsubscribe button isn't a feedback tool, it's an escape hatch. Just because you really want someone to reply doesn't mean you can bombard them with emails until they either respond or unsubscribe. This type of approach to emailing where you blanket follow-up is considered spammy reinforces the negative association many people have with email marketing in general.
@brandononearth I agree that auto follow-ups can come across as spammy if used excessively. We warn people about that in our blog post about the feature. But consider this. Nobody has a better spam/abuse detection system than Gmail, so if Gmail detects you're abusing its system, then they will suspend or terminate your account. I operate under the principle, that if your email sending is good enough for Gmail and G Suite to allow it, then it's good enough for me.
@brandononearth @parttimesnob I agree with you Ajay that this is very useful for people who wield it responsibly, and plenty of other mass email tools exist in the market. But there are specific laws around cold outreach. See the CAN-SPAM Act: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/... ... which has a clear set of guidelines. For example, you're required to include your business address and an easy way for the recipient to Unsubscribe from future emails. In the demo photo provided (the 1st one that pops up), you include an Unsubscribe link but you don't have a business address in the email. So that demo email is actually in violation of CAN-SPAM already.
Jan 23, 2018: Hi, everyone. GMass is being re-featured today as a promoted product from the past. GMass makes it super easy to send an email outreach campaign from inside your Gmail account. Even though these comments are all from several months ago, feel free to post a question, and I'll answer. I'm monitoring this all day. You can also email me at ajay@wordzen.com or @PartTimeSnob on Twitter. --------------- Hey Product Hunters! And thanks @nickabouzeid. GMass is a Chrome extension that makes it super easy to send an email campaign inside Gmail or Inbox. I built it because I wanted to send campaigns without leaving the Gmail interface, since I LIVE inside Gmail all day. With GMass, you use the native Gmail Compose window. GMass was originally hunted 2 years ago, and in that time has sent over 130 million emails for 80,000 users, all from their Gmail accounts. So why am I relaunching? Because as of today, GMass now works with Google Inbox, which was a difficult feat to accomplish. So whether you use Gmail or the new Inbox, you’re good to go. In addition to launching "GMass for Google Inbox" today, in the last two years I’ve added: 1. Auto follow-ups, so people that haven’t replied (or opened or clicked) keep getting pinged. 2. An integration with Google Sheets, so you can read email lists and columns from a spreadsheet 3. An integrated live proofreading service (by real humans), so you can have a second set of eyes review your campaign for you before sending 4. Automated reply management, so replies, bounces, unsubscribes, and even blocks are processed and categorized for you. What’s my favorite feature? The ability to connect a campaign to a spreadsheet, so that GMass auto checks the spreadsheet daily for new addresses, and if found, sends a sequence of emails to those people. So you can trigger a sequence of emails just by adding new rows to your spreadsheet. Thanks for checking out GMass. Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think. Would love to hear suggestions for improvement. Oh, anybody that subscribes with a credit card (not PayPal) in the 24 hour period from August 10 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM PST, receives 20% off your subscription price for life. The discount will be applied after you subscribe, so during the subscription process, it will look like you’re paying the normal price. New subscribers only. Lastly, a thank-you to the amazing team at Streak that built Inbox SDK, without which, building GMass would have been infinitely harder.
@parttimesnob nice concept! Missed this during the first "hunt", look forward to checking it out ??
@thetomwhatley Let me know if you have any questions Tom!
@parttimesnob I am on a dead end, I signed up with a an email address that is not gmail. There is no way of transferring or cancelling as everything is done through email
@sleepym Yes there is. Go to gmass.co/g/transfer for instructions. You can transfer a subscription even if it's a NON-Google account that you subscribed.
@sleepym @parttimesnob i have a query, can i ask?
Gmass is AMAZING. I've been using them for over a year now and the features they've built out for mass emailing has been amazing. It's specifically good for not having to use software like Mailchimp to send out mass emails and mailmerges. I've been incredibly impressed by the amount of new features and super detailed documentation on their site, i.e. sending recurring mailmerges based on new emails added to a connected google sheets account. Big big big fan, keep up the awesome work Ajay.
@mikeyahdoot Thanks Michael!
Gross, this is nothing other than a facilitator for mass spam.
@iamacyborg Just curious... and Mailchimp is not?
@stephenalan No, Mailchimp do their best to keep spammers off their platform, you on the other hand facilitate it.
@stephenalan @iamacyborg And how exactly am I facilitating spam? See my response below about auto follow-ups and Google's abuse detection system.
@stephenalan @parttimesnob You allow imports of scraped lists, have no data policy and rely on Google to do the regulatory work for your product.
I like Gmass a lot @ajay , it's really helped me a lot to mass outreach and send personalized emails from spreadsheets.