Facebook? Audience Insights is a great tool to find Facebook pages your audience likes. But not all of these pages have associated interests you can target with ads. We've created a free Chrome extension that highlights ?? the ones you can target.
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Already use the main interest explorer tool, very helpful to find new and different interests for adsets. Adding the chrome extension now. Will no doubt be helpful. Thanks for making these tools.
@joe_murfin Thanks for your comment! ?? In the future there will be an integration between the two so you can save interests found through the extension in a project.
Have been following since the start Great work Paco would love to see your product expand into other social channels such as linkedin and Twitter Also wondering if you can toggle to show the exact audience size on the web app and label the super niche -100, niche 10,000+ and broad 100k+ for ease of use Ie also be nice to have following options, audience size per query and total audience size ??
@frankiebaeza Thanks a lot for your comment! Also for your suggestions (I'll add these to my Trello to think about further / work on).

Amazing extension for PPC marketers and Facebook Ads of course :) A must have for everyone. I use it several times with success with different niches :)


Do perfectly his job :) Find complementary Facebook audiences that you need for your campaigns. You will love it...


More integration with other tools should be great :) But I'm picky here. Anyway I heared that's planned already ^^

Woohoo, 2nd product ?????? Last year we've launched InterestExplorer, a tool for Facebook? Marketers that uses the Facebook? Marketing API to reveal 1000's of targetable interests that are hidden in Facebook? Ads Manager. After launching on PH it took off and we now have close to 1500 users. Now we've created Facebook? Audience Insights Helper, a free Chrome extension that uses the Facebook? Marketing API to highlight interests in Facebook? Audience Insights that can be targeted with ads (so you don't have to copy-paste them into FB? Ads Manager to find out...) This simple, but very powerful extension will always remain free. In the future we'll create a connection to InterestExplorer to enable users to save interests into projects. Get it now (no sign-up required) ?? https://interestexplorer.io/chrome-extension/ And if you like it… please leave a review in the Chrome web store ??