Dadroit is a tool that treats JSON as a Data format, not a plain text. It provides you quick outline view with the help of tree representation of JSON Data from root to last nodes. You can browse and query JSON like an enterprise DBMS.
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Hi everyone ??, Walterion is here, and I'm excited to introduce you to Dadroit JSON Viewer ?, the fastest way to view, manage, and export within big size JSON files. JSON is the most used format to store data, and until now, there were only text editors to handle it, and they are not the real proper solution as they will quickly lose effect and speed as the file size grows. Dadroit is a brilliant tool that treats JSON as a Data format, not a plain text. It provides you quick outline view, with the help of tree representation. You can browse and query JSON like an enterprise DBMS. It beats all of the other solutions in performance, and it will give you a complete set of tools to work too. Tree highlighted view, Instant search including RegEx support, auto-refresh on file change and many export options including XML is just a part of its features. It is Free and available for download for Mac and Windows right now, and Linux version is on the way. I can't wait to hear what you think. Please do not hesitate to ask me any question.
@Walterion are you considering a web app for this ?
@wilsonbright Maybe but not in the near future. As this one is heavily optimized for JSON files. From a special SAX parser to many assembly optimizations.
I rarely use my code editor to view JSON files, I usually use my browser. How does it compare to Firefox's built in JSON viewer?
@jamesivings New Firefox is a lot faster than Chrome in opening JSON files, but in my machine it takes 45 seconds to handle a 150MB JSON and it takes 600MB of RAM. Dadroit takes 1 second and 150MB of ram.
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Nice idea, unfortunately really buggy on macOs. Starting the application shows a "File not found" message. Scrolling in the list does not work properly, it often scrolls the whole application (inside of the window). When using the arrow key to expand a single item, an error "Access violation" is shown. If I click on OK, it show s window "Log in to continue" but the text is cut off.
@sandro_roth1 Sorry to hear that. The Mac version is still in Beta, but there shouldn't be much problem. Please contact us at so we can look through it and fixed it ASAP.
@sandro_roth1 @dadroit @walterion1 I had an identical experience. "Access violation" caused a creepy feeling. I wish you luck with the project anyway!
@kossnocorp Thank you very much Sasha for your interest. If you can send me a sample file and your OS version, I can look into it and let you know when it is fixed.
@walterion1 macOS Mojave 10.14 (18A391). I didn't open any files with it, I just launched it.
@kossnocorp Thanks, working on it ...
You should get an Apple Developer Account if you don't already and codesign the Mac version - that way we don't get this message on launch, and have to go into System Preferences to open it.
@alekplay Thanks for your interest Aleksander. I will study it.